Welcome to the Friend Zone

whether it's to take photos, hype you up, pin some BOUTONNIERES, wrangle your dog, or find uncle bill at the bar, we will be there for you on your big day.

We're Glad you're here

The most important thing we can tell you about us is that we love and have always been interested in people and their stories. Zack is a former touring musician and Nicki is a former teacher, community actress and performer, so we have always felt connected to the arts and inspired by the stories of other people. Since the day we first picked up a set of cameras, making sure we connected with those in front of us felt just as

important as creating a flawless image. This concept has become the keystone in the way we have shaped, developed and operated our business over the years, and we can both safely say we wouldnt want to do it any other way. Observing and capturing people in their element and trying to produce the most genuine reflections of who people are is something we have found a passion for, and something we believe every single couple deserves from the person they entrust to capture their memories.

Working together as a husband + wife team has easily been the best decision we have ever made. We love getting to “double date” with you to learn more about who you are, making you feel super comfortable and confident in being photographed together and finding the magic in the ordinary and in moments happening around us that don't require any posing or set up. We want to be attentive to the little things, because we know the details add up to a much bigger picture that allow you to remember moments as they happened. We want to find out who you are as a couple and what matters most to you so that your experience with us will be totally unique to the two of you and your love story. So- let's connect over coffee or a drink, dance in the rain at your engagement session, or hike out to the spot where you had your first kiss under the stars. We promise that together we can create something amazing.